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A Look At The Best NBA Players From Clemson

This one went vertical quickly.

Elden Campbell #5 , Dale Davis
Former Tigers Elden Campbell #5 and Dale Davis battling each other in NBA action.

For round #2 of the best of ACC schools in the NBA, we’re doing Clemson. The Tigers are a bit unique because while they have always produced good big men, they haven’t really produced many guards. So this quintet will skew large. And they were all good, long-term NBA players.

  • Horace Grant - a power forward for the Michael Jordan-era Bulls, he won three rings with the Bulls and a fourth with the Lakers.
  • Tree Rollins - the first significant Tiger in the NBA, Rollins had an 18-year career and was one of the better rebounders and shot blockers of his era. He was also the last guy to wear Chuck Taylor’s in the NBA.
  • Elden Campbell - A very big big man at 6-11 and 280, he was one of the few big guys of his era who could bother the massive Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Larry Nance - Nance famously won the NBA’s first dunk contest and was a reliable and solid power forward for the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was an outstanding defender and rebounder and his #22 was retired by Cleveland.
  • Dale Davis - He was really great for the Indiana Pacers where he played from 1991-2000. Just a solid, hard-working power forward. No one ever went wrong with him.

Bonus pick - we’d have to arguably put Mitchell Wiggins on this list. He did well before getting in trouble for cocaine use, for which he was suspended for a season. But his biggest impact was probably as a dad: his son, Andrew, just won a ring with the Golden State Warriors.