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YouTube Gold: Linsanity

Always remember it started at Harvard

Harvard University Jeremy Lin
 College Basketball: Harvard Jeremy Lin (4) in action vs Dartmouth at Leede Arena. Hanover, NH 1/23/2010 
Set Number: X83467 TK1 R1 F143

Linsanity didn’t last nearly long enough.

Jeremy Lin came to the NBA from Harvard, where, he played for former Duke star and assistant Tommy Amaker.

Harvard is not exactly famous for producing pro talent, to say the least.

Lin’s father came to the US from Taiwan with a fully developed love for NBA Basketball and Lin inherited that, along with a good bit of talent.

He didn't get off to a fast start in the NBA when he arrived in 2010, but in 2012, New York put him in the starting lineup and magic began to happen.

This was Linsanity.

He couldn’t sustain it - obviously people were on to him and defended him better - but he also had some injuries that really hurt his chances.

But for a brief, shining moment, Lin was the talk of the sports world and given his popularity in Taiwan and China and Asia in general, we can’t begin to understand his impact and may not be able to fully appreciate it for a few decades. Because some young players in Asia will have been inspired by his success and will eventually turn up in the NBA. He’s going to be a very significant presence in basketball history before it’s all said and done.