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Tre Jones Update

The former Duke star has a chance at being a big factor for San Antonio.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs
Apr 9, 2022; San Antonio, Texas, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tre Jones (33) grabs a rebound against the Golden State Warriors during the second half at AT&T Center.
Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s easy for college fans to look at college players and think well, yeah, he’s an NBA player.

The truth is, the margin for error is incredibly thin. Remember the effect Quinn Cook had on the Warriors and the Lakers? Those teams loved him. They absolutely embraced him. He was a powerful force on those teams.

Then they cut him for more talented players.

There’s not much you can do about that. The NBA is as cuthroat a business as you’ll find this side of the Yakuza.

Which brings us to Tre Jones.

The former Blue Devil is now a San Antonio Spur, of course, and he recently signed a contract extension and he has a chance to be a rotation player.

But he's not a freakish athlete and he’s also not very big. His shooting still needs work. This article goes into why Jones has work to do to make himself a solid NBA contributor. It’s well-reasoned.

But what we saw at Duke was a pit bull mentality. Once he gets into you, he won’t let go.

A guy like that, you’d think, can carve out a role.