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Duke Chronicle Profiles Kyle Filipowski

One of the more exciting freshmen this year

Syndication: Worcester Telegram
 Worcester Academy’s T.J. Power looks for a clear path past Wilbraham & Monson’s Kyle Filipowski during Wednesday’s game. 
Allan Jung/Telegram & Gazette / USA TODAY NETWORK

After Jon Scheyer got the Duke job, it soon became clear that he would put a premium on intelligence and versatility. Kyle Filipowski, the latest player to be profiled by the Duke Chronicle, is a great example of that.

He’s 6-11 and 220, but he has a full skill set. He can handle the ball, pass, shoot three pointers - in many ways, he’s where the game is going. He may be 6-11 but clearly, he’s a basketball player and would be if he were a foot shorter.

This from the Chronicle: “In his high school play, Filipowski can often be seen acting as the primary ball handler, and he has the playmaking eye to match. While also able to initiate plays, Filipowski excels at finding tight passing lanes on the fly, drawing defenders’ attention towards himself and leaving a teammate open for an easy basket. While there’s always a chance that a freshman’s scoring decreases once they face higher-level competition, Filipowski’s vision and facilitator qualities make it likely that he can act as a glue and offense generator for a team made of largely new players.”

It’s going to be fun to watch him develop.