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The Emily K Center Is Asking For Your Help

Please consider contributing!

Help the Emily K Center and Durham build a better future for everyone!
Help the Emily K Center and Durham build a better future for everyone!
Chris Seward/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Emily K Center is about to crank up for the fall semester and that means welcoming new students and getting things going. Kids from Durham get opportunities that are life-changing. And by life-changing we don’t mean just for them, but for their families, possibly for generations.

“The Center sent us a request to help raise $15,000 for school supplies and we thought we’d pass it on. Here are some comments from the e-mail:

“School is about to start, and we are incredibly excited to welcome students back to the Emily K Center! The new school year is always a fresh beginning with the promise of new friends, new lessons, and new experiences.

“The Center is committed to providing Durham students with opportunities and resources to help them succeed, and a big part of going “back to school” is making sure our students and our programs have needed supplies for the coming year.“

The Emily K Center is an ambitious effort by the Krzyzewski family to give back to Durham in a significant way and we think it’s worthy of support and so are the kids they are helping. If you agree with us, please consider donating to the fall fundraiser. Let’s help push them towards their goal!