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Bronny James Speculation Is Getting Out Of Hand

The pressure on him is going to be insane

Syndication: The Augusta Chronicle
 Strive for Greatness’ LeBron \”Bronny\” James Jr. (0) moves the ball down court during the Strive for Greatness and TSF game at the Peach Jam in Riverview Park Activities Center on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Bronny James is the son of basketball player LeBron James. 

There is less talk of it now, but for a long time, Bronny James was connected with Duke; at one point, his famous father, LeBron James Sr., said he would like for him to play for Mike Krzyzewski, who of course coached the elder James in the Olympics.

Coach K is retired obviously and there’s no guarantee that a special relationship exists between the James family and K’s successor, Jon Scheyer and that kind of underscores why this article is so pointless.

Bronny is widely seen as a future NBA player, but the truth is, that is, as of now, based more on the father’s talent rather than the son’s.

We don’t mean to suggest that Bronny isn’t good enough; just that there is no way to know. He’s shown signs of maturing into a very good player, but he’s just 17 and unlike his dad, who is 6-8, the younger James is just 6-2.

He certainly has considerable advantages and we’re sure his father has taught him as much as he possibly can, but the truth is there are a lot of young players his age who are 6-2. Some of them will, like David Robinson, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, shoot up and be much taller. To make it in the NBA at 6-2 though, you have to have a lot to offer. Bronny may grow a good bit more - his younger brother, Bryce, is 6-6 - but there’s no guarantee of that either.

We hope the kid does well and it would be a great story if father and son were on the same team in the NBA, something that has never happened before. But that’s two years away and as much as we don’t know about Bronny’s future, LeBron will be pushing 40. He may wish to play with his son, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll last that long or that whoever signs his son will want his father too. He wouldn’t be the first guy to hang on too long and he wouldn't be the last.

This kind of speculation is just pointless. It’s fun to think about, but no one can possibly predict anything this far out.