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Netflix Doc On The 2008 US Olympic Basketball Team Is Coming Soon

Duke fans won’t want to miss it.

USA Basketball Senior Men’s Team Media Tour
NEW YORK - JUNE 30: Carlos Boozer (L), a former Duke University player, poses with his former Duke coach and current Olympic coach, Mike Krzyzewski during the USA Basketball Senior Men’s Team Media Tour on June 30, 2008 near Liberty Island in New York City.
Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/ Getty Images

If you’ve had thoughts of canceling Netflix, you might want to hold off for a little while: a new documentary will drop in October about the Redeem Team.

That of course would be the 2008 US Olympic Basketball team, coached by Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, which seized control of international basketball once again, a grip which has not yet lessened.

Team members LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are co-producers.

The most remarkable aspect of that team was how Coach K learned to deal with professional athletes and how he got them to completely buy in. The players wanted to reclaim gold of course but there was no guarantee they'd accept a college coach or, after the 2004 Larry Brown-led disaster, that they’d even get along.

By 2012 and even more so in 2016, Team USA became analogous to Special Forces, to the point where, rather than making excuses not to go, players were seriously irritated when they weren’t selected.

This should be a fun documentary for Duke fans and basketball fans in general.