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YouTube Gold: NBA Stars On Wilt Chamberlain vs. Today’s NBA

Chamberlain is still the greatest talent in NBA history.

Basketball Players Jumping for Rebound
Wilt Chamberlain doing his patented finger roll over Willis Reed

When we look for a good video to link, we like to look for good bits of basketball history and one of the best, most striking players in NBA history was Wilt Chamberlain.

His accomplishments are just ridiculous. 100 point game? Check. Average 50 ppg? Check. Never fouled out of a game? Check. 50” vertical?

Check again.

But the question comes up again and again: could he play in today’s game?

This video talks to guys like Bill Russell, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, Oscar Robertson and others about how ridiculous Chamberlain was.

The topic of Wilt vs. Shaq comes up from time to time and here's why Chamberlain would have killed him.

First, he was far stronger and faster and in better shape. Chamberlain bench pressed about 600 lbs and had sprinter speed. He could have easily - easily defended O’ Neal.

But O’ Neal could never have defended him. Remember how Christian Laettner tied him in knots? He took him away from the basket.

Chamberlain would have done the same thing, unless of course, he got mad, and then he would have taken it right at O’ Neal who could not have stopped him.

No one could.