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DBR Podcast #437: Duke Teams For $1 Million, Alex!

We dig into some questions, and discuss a proposed NCAA Tournament expansion.

Duke Elton Brand, 1999 NCAA Playoffs SetNumber: X57494 TK2

Some of our listeners sent in some great questions, so Jason, Sam, and Donald discuss some of those topics on Episode 437! The DBR Podcast community is always great at sending in questions that make us think, so we took a few of them to start off this show. We debate which Duke Blue Devils team we would trust to win us $1 million in a bet by running the table in the NCAA Tournament as well as some of the Duke transfers that we wish had stuck around. You’ll definitely want to hear which transfers we really missed! Finally, we answer a question about how Jon Scheyer will coach the team when times get tough.

After the break, the SEC commissioner has some thoughts about how to expand the NCAA Tournament field. The guys debate whether expansion is a good idea or even needed, with a few proposals of our own. We end the show by reading a great letter about Coach K’s interaction with a dentist that’s a UNC fan and paying tribute to the great Pete Carril, who passed away Monday.

The DBR Podcast will be back later this week with one of its best guests ever! You better mash on that subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss out on what will be an incredible interview!