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Coach K Fires Up The Football Team

The Great Motivator still has it

Mike Krzyzewski
Coach K in action

Coach K seems to be enjoying his well-earned retirement after a superb career as Duke’s head basketball coach, but the man can still bring it, as the football team learned Saturday.

Here’s our favorite comment from the clips the program put out on Twitter:

“You’re not playing for Duke. You are Duke football. And what the hell does that mean? What the hell does it mean that you are Duke football? Every once in a while, in your quiet moments, put your damn thing out there and imagine, Damn, I am Duke football. I’m not just playing. I’m not the linebacker. I’m not the running back. I’m Duke football.”

Pretty clearly, Mike Krzyzewski still has lessons to teach and wisdom to impart.

When you watch this, don’t just think of Duke, but think also of USA Basketball. Why? Because there, Coach K dealt with immense egos and guys who did things in ways that he was not used to. He won the respect of his players there and, just as he talks about here, built a culture.

Great stuff.