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Duke Recruiting: Jared McCain Update

The future Blue Devil is looking pretty good

High School Basketball: HoopHall Class Tournament-Sunnyslope High School at Centennial High School
 Dec 11, 2021; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Centennial High School forward Jared McCain dribbles against Sunnyslope High School at Footprint Center. 
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jared McCain is one of the more intriguing Duke recruits to come along in a while: in the age of NIL, he probably doesn’t need it: he’s doing quite well on social media and might be making six figures from that alone. We don’t know; it’s just a guess, but toss in committing to Duke and it probably went up more.

Add in NIL money and he’ll be doing very well indeed.

Of course, Duke didn’t sign him because he’s a TikTok star, they signed him because he’s a talented basketball player.

He’s been at Stephen Curry’s camp and seems to have done quite well there. In this video, you can see a lot of things - quickness, solid shooting, a certain level of anticipation like when he goes for a layup and gets the ball up and in front before the defender could get at it. You’ll know what we mean when you see it. It’s a smart thing for a smaller player to do around big guys.

Generally speaking, he’s got good court awareness too.

One of the real skills that some people have is the ability to look at a guy who is 14-16 and to understand what their potential is.

Looking at teenagers and having a sense of what their potential is is...well, it can't be easy and it’s almost impossible to know who might be a late bloomer and end up better. But from what we can see here, and on other videos, McCain looks like he has a pretty good shot.