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A Look At The Best NBA Players From ACC Schools. First Up - Wake Forest

And the Deacs have some skin in this game

Tim Duncan #21
Tim Duncan as a San Antonio Spur

We saw a list recently of one ACC school's best NBA players so we thought, well there's a good idea, and figured we'd try to expand it to each team. So let's start with Wake Forest.

Wake has a wonderful basketball history and some tremendous players have come out of Reynolda. Here's our Top Five.

  • Tim Duncan
  • Rodney Rogers
  • Chris Paul
  • Muggsy Bogues
  • Josh Howard

Duncan is an historical talent, on par with anyone who has ever played the game. No one should question his greatness. He's arguably the greatest power forward in the history of the game. At a minimum, he's a Top 15 talent.

Durham native Rodney Rogers was also very, very good. He was sort of a prototype for Zion Williamson, a smallish forward who was quite thick. Sadly, he had an ATV accident and is now paralyzed.

What's amazing about Chris Paul is his sheer longevity. It's one thing for LeBron James to do it at 6-8 and 260 or whatever he weighs now. It's quite another for a small point guard to last 17 years and still be highly effective.

Muggsy Bogues was an outrageous talent. Just 5-3, he did things no one ever dreamed a guy his size could do. He stole the ball from Michael Jordan and blocked a shot on Patrick Ewing - and not on the way up, either. Arguably the most unusual player to ever play in the NBA.

Josh Howard. Howard is kind of overlooked now, but he was really, really good with Dallas, making second-team Alll Rookie in 2003 and the All-Star team in 2007.

We thought about John Collins too, but he hasn't been in the league long enough to push anyone on this list out.