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Duke Recruiting: Cameron Boozer Is Dazzling People At 14

And brother Cayden is advanced as well.

Syndication: The News-Press
Columbus s Cameron Boozer blocks a shot put up SFCA s Yadniel Sanabria during the Hugh Thimlar basketball game at the City of Palms Classic
Andrew West/The News-Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

One of the younger high school players who is really getting people excited is a familiar name: Cameron Boozer.

Boozer and his apparently non-identical twin brother (Cameron is 6-7 while Cayden is about 6-3) are both looking great, but Cameron at this point is more highly regarded.

His dad was a power player who had a long and outstanding NBA career. Cameron sounds a bit different.

Here’s what 24x7 said about him:

“In all honesty, it was a fairly quiet game for Boozer but that’s not saying he wasn’t productive and when a 215-pound big man is taking the ball the length of the floor before hitting his defender with a crossover-jab at full speed, getting by him off the dribble and then finishing with his left-hand with a reverse, you can’t help but wonder who else can do that.

In another instance, Boozer caught the ball at the top of the key, drove left saw the help drop down and immediately fired a smooth left-hand hook pass over the defense to a teammate spotted on the perimeter (he’s not left-handed). Again, for a big man, you can’t help wonder who else is doing that.”

There’s a long way to go on this one of course. And while a lot of people assume Duke will be the choice for both Boozers, there’s no point in getting that far ahead. They’ll have to decide for themselves.

Whatever they decide, it’s going to be fun to see what Booz’s kids do and how far they can go.