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YouTube Gold: Chet Holmgren Takes A Beating In The Paint

You may remember this name and certainly will if you’re an NC State fan (even if you don’t want to).

2022 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League - Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder
Chet Holmgren and Kenneth Lofton in 2022 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League play

We were first made away of Kenny Lofton when his Louisiana Tech team came to NC State and he racked up 36 points and 18 rebounds.

Then we found out that he’s 6-7 and 280, more or less Zion Williamson’s size but without the freak athleticism.

He’s a bit slow, honestly, but he is a damn good basketball player who understands how to use his bulk, as OKC rookie Chet Holmgren found out Wednesday night as Lofton backed him into the paint, muscled him, and generally played over, around or through the Pencil Of the Plains.

This is what everyone wonders about with Holmgren - can he survive power players? What happens with the Greek Freak goes after him? What’s he going to do when Zion Williamson comes barreling down the lane at him?

And yet, you can’t overlook the fact that the guy does not roll over. He tries, he works hard.

But until he gains about 30 lbs, for a start, he’s going to have games like this.

By the way, Ja Morant is in the title of this video so here’s something very cool, sweet and funny that he did recently. The waitress’s reaction is priceless.