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Duke Recruiting: The Syracuse Perspective On JP Estrella

This one is getting good

Syracuse v Duke
 DURHAM, NC - JANUARY 22: Head coach Jim Boeheim (L) of the Syracuse Orange talks with associate head coach Jon Scheyer of the Duke Blue Devils following their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 22, 2022 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

We’ve said before that it’s useful to look at Web sites that follow other schools and in this case, Syracuse folks have a tip and a sense of how this one is going.

Over at, Neil Adler points out that two predictions are in at the Crystal Ball, one with high confidence, that JP Estrella will choose Duke.

It’s still too early to be really sure but the whole point of the Crystal Ball is kind of what we’re talking about here - getting multiple sources and kind of assuming those people know what they’re talking about and forming a rough consensus.

In Adler’s column, he points out that Duke and Kansas have taken a big interest in Estrella lately as his recruitment has blown up.

We don’t mean any offense to our Syracuse friends, but it’s a little revealing, and a little bit sad, that they get dispirited when schools like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky or UNC get involved on a recruit they’ve been after.

Jim Boeheim has earned the right to stay at Syracuse as long as he likes, but his program, while certainly dangerous, is no longer a powerhouse and getting a major recruit now is more the exception than the rule.