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YouTube Gold: LeBron’s Younger Son Causing A Stir Now Too

Driveway basketball must be rough around the James house.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal
This photo of LeBron, Brice and Bronny James is about a year old. Obviously Brice has grown a lot since it was taken.
PHIL MASTURZO via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Bronny James has always, and will always, have a unique problem: he’s LeBron James, Jr., and it’s going to be really difficult to live up to that name.

It’s not any easier given that Bronny is 6-2 and has to be a very different sort of a player than his father is, unless he grows a lot more.

That may not be as big a problem for his little brother, and we use little advisedly, Brice.

Just 15, Brice is reportedly now 6-6 and is showing hints of elite talent.

It’s way too early to be sure, and anyone who follows recruiting can rattle off a list of talented players who lacked the discipline and determination to master their abilities, but the younger James has a great example at home to emulate. Not many young players have that.

He has just erupted on the summer scene and people are raving. And indeed, he looks like he’s got something good going on.

LeBron should consider retiring and becoming an agent for both sons.

For those of you who prefer the embeds, this video didn’t have an option.