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Duke Recruiting: JP Estrella Cancels Visit

Will he reschedule?

Duke University vs University of Michigan
College Basketball: Duke fans, Cameron Crazies, in stands with painted chests spelling out DUKE during game vs Michigan. Durham, NC 12/5/1992 
Set Number: X43742 TK1 R3 F15

Things got hot and heavy with Duke and JP Estrella for awhile but have they cooled?

The tea leaves aren’t looking good, notably because he canceled his official visit. Of course it’s possible that he could visit again later, but who knows?

For people who are worrying about Duke not having a big man, we’d like to remind that a), it’s still early and b) Christian Reeves will be out of sight as a redshirt but a lot of people think he’s going to be really good.

Maybe that plays into it with Estrella. It’s really hard to say because recruits are always young, they have their own ideas, and sometimes it’s a thought that most of us would never consider.

One guy, for instance, had an offer from a major school and decided to pass. When he was asked why, he told the coach that his number was already retired and he didn’t want to play in a different one. To us that might seem silly but to him, it was everything.

We’re sure whatever he decides, Estrella will do very well. And as for Duke, as Jon Scheyer told a recruit a while back, there are a lot of good players out there.