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Duke Recruiting: Cooper Flagg, Boozer Twins Square Off At Peach Jam

These guys all look fun

Syndication: The News-Press
Columbus s Cameron Boozer blocks a shot put up SFCA s Yadniel Sanabria during the Hugh Thimlar basketball game at the City of Palms Classic.
Andrew West/The News-Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

Cooper Flagg Maine-ia (sorry) continues to build. At Peach Jam, his team, Maine United, took on Nightrydas, for whom Cameron and Cayden Boozer play.

It turned into a pretty big deal: Nike had to move it to the biggest court at Peach Jam, and even that wasn’t big enough. It was a fire Marshall type night with a totally full capacity.

Boozer, who like Flagg is seen by many as the #1 prospect in 2025 (Cayden is also Top 25), won this round as Nightrydas smoked Maine United, 79-36.

Cameron finished with 20 points and 12 boards while Cayden had 10 points and five rebounds. Flagg, meanwhile, had 13 points and seven rebounds. However, given the talent level in Maine, we’re sure he was the focus of the Nightrydas defense.

Here is some video from Peach Jam, not just of the Boozers and Flagg but also of several prominent recruits, including several future Blue Devils. There are a couple of other links that are pre-Peach Jam.