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Zion Williamson Wins Another Round vs. Former Agent Gina Ford

Zion suing like an iron lion.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at New Orleans Pelicans
Zion Williamson’s latest win against Gina Ford is another slam dunk.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We know a lot of lawyers read this site so you guys will understand this story better than we do. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to us laymen.

It’s about Zion Williamson’s latest win over his would-be agent Gina Ford.

Ford already lost one round when a judge ruled that her contract with Williamson violated NC state law for several reasons.

In this go-round, Judge Loretta Copeland Biggs all but laughed at Ford’s claim of trade secrets. Among them: her advice that her erstwhile client be marketed as “the first Zion Williamson” rather than the “next LeBron James.”

That’s a very weak argument and hardly a trade secret. Moreover, Williamson himself discussed this publicly which makes it a laughable claim.

If you remember the earlier case, Ford’s attorneys were laughably bad. How bad? So bad that even lay people can see how bad they were. It looks like she hasn’t addressed this. So our guess is that the remaining legal issues are probably going to go Williamson's way as well.