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Quinn Cook Update

The guy is a natural coach.

Stockton Kings v Birmingham Squadron
 BIRMINGHAM, AL - MARCH 31: Quinn Cook #12 of the Stockton Kings dribbles the ball during the game in the second quarter against the Birmingham Squadron on March 31, 2022 at Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Photo by Mercedes Oliver/NBAE via Getty Images

Former Duke guard Quinn Cook beat the odds when he made the NBA as an undrafted 6-1 point guard and now boasts two championships, one with the Golden State Warriors and one with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He clearly still wants to play, but Cook is now 29 and his window is starting to close a little.

One of the things we’ve noticed, and admire very much about Cook is how much his teammates always seem to appreciate him.

Even though he hasn't played much in the NBA, he’s contributed a lot. And what it’s led us to think is that, whenever he decides to quit chasing the dream, Cook has the potential to be an amazing coach. He understands the game, he communicates brilliantly, and clearly, players respect him immensely.

We hope he makes it back, but we’ve thought for some time that Cook’s ultimate destiny is as a coach. He could be really special.