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Andre Dawkins: You Can Call Him Coach Dawkins Now

What a cool development

Duke University vs University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, 2010 NCAA South Regional Playoffs Round 1
College Basketball: NCAA Playoffs: Duke head coach Coach Mike Krzyzewski with Andre Dawkins (20) during game vs Arkansas - Pine Bluff. Jacksonville, FL 3/19/2010 
Set Number: X83909 TK1 R1 F30

It was no fault of his own, but Andre Dawkins had a tough time at Duke. His sister died in an accident during his freshman year while coming to see him play. It affected him deeply and at one point later in his career, Mike Krzyzewski told him to take a year away to deal with his depression.

He did and later said it had been a good move.

It was a tough time for him though. And at that age? To deal with that sort of loss?

We’ve always had a special place for him, so it was great to see that he has become a coach: Dawkins was named the head coach of the Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Oklahoma City.

The school seems pretty pleased with him and he seems very excited about a new direction.

We don’t get a whole lot of news about private high school basketball in Oklahoma, but we’ll pass it on if we do. Our guess is he’ll be a very good coach and it’s wonderful to see him get a shot.