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Bill King Fundraiser Update - That’s A Wrap!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed and most especially Jackson’s Grandad, who has been unbelievably generous.

Bed ward in new trauma surgery completed
Not a fun place to be
Photo by Bernd Wüstneck/picture alliance via Getty Images

Our fundraiser for Bill King has met and exceeded our goal, so we’re going to take it down off the site in a couple of days.

It was fairly static for some time until Jackson’s Grandad offered to do a matching fundraiser to get us to our goal. That was immensely decent of him and we can’t possibly thank him enough.

As you may have read previously, Bill, a lifelong Duke fan, has suffered a lot in recent years. He has had multiple health crises, his bills are sky high and he lost his only son and his wife over a fairly short period of time.

This fundraiser has made a big difference to him and while it certainly did help him with his expenses, it also moored him to a caring world, and, just as importantly, it helped restore some optimism and good feelings. And for that, along with everything else, we thank you again.