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Twitter Gold: Cooper Flagg Is Just Killing It

This kid is going to be special.

North Carolina v Duke
Cooper Flagg would drive Cameron even more crazy.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Have you noticed that, just now, there are a lot of promising players in New England? Duke’s Kyle Filipowski is one of the more prominent names but there are quite a few right now.

One of the most intriguing is Cooper Flagg.

He and his brother, Ace, are from Newport, Maine and it’s really hard to think of a major player from Maine. Alaska has Trajan Langdon, Carlos Boozer and Mario Chalmers.


It’s kind of unusual.

In this clip, Flagg makes some brilliant plays well beyond his years. On one play alone, he blocks three shots in a row and if he didn’t get a fourth block, he changed the shot.

He clearly has a high-level understanding of the game and he also has a high-end motor. As a basketball fan, it’s hard not to fall in love. Coaches must be losing it.

Although there’s a long way to go before he commits, he has said that Duke is his dream school.