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Zion, Pelicans Nail Down A Massive Contract

Noah’s next car is gonna be a freaking Lambo!

2022 NBA Playoffs - Phoenix Suns v New Orleans Pelicans
 NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 28: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans arrives to the arena before Round 1 Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns on April 28, 2022 at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

It’s no surprise by now that Zion Williamson has re-upped with the New Orleans Pelicans. Both he and the team said they wanted to stick together; the question was the price and Zion’s health.

So all’s swell that ends swell.

We’re curious about the various conditions each side sought. Williamson has missed 141 games in his career, but when he has been healthy, he’s, well, he’s a freak of nature.

The main problem has simply been his availability as he’s had feet issues. That’s no joke - it completely derailed Bill Walton’s brilliant career and at 285, Williamson puts a lot of torque on his feet.

So obviously the Pelicans have some concerns.

But not enough to let him go. And if you’ve seen recent pictures of Williamson, he looks absolutely cut. People were mocking him earlier this year, saying that he was out of shape. Maybe. He’s not now. We’re curious actually to know if he’s lost weight or just redistributed it. Whatever he’s done, he looks like he’s in amazing shape. And if he is, then so are the Pels, who have continued to build and seem to have built well.

Latest oh hell no moment: slight rumors, nothing to be overly wound up about, that Kevin Durant might end up there. They’d have to give up a lot to get him though and, really, it would like the Anthony Davis trade but in reverse. And KD is now 33. His window is not closed, but it’s never going to be better and, inevitably, he will decline.