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A British Reporter Gets An Unfortunate Introduction To American Sports

To our UK readers: the guy in this picture is not Paolo Banchero

Patrick Mahomes
This is not Paolo Banchero
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To be fair, American college sports baffle a lot of the world and not least of all the British. We saw an article about Duke in a British paper at one point that called the school The University of Duke.

Well you know...bless their hearts and all that.

Still, there was a pretty funny situation at the Miami Grand Prix Saturday when former Formula 1 driver and now Sky TV reporter Martin Brindle thought he saw Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes in the crowd.

Only it wasn’t Mahomes. It was Duke’s Paolo Banchero.

Most Americans would see a 6-11 guy and just instinctively think: basketball player. Do the Brits start with soccer as a reference point? And maybe transpose that to football?

Who knows.

It’s pretty funny though to watch this guy chase him through the crowd shouting “Patrick!” only to be ignored, and then to see it gradually dawn on him that, uh, this is not Mahomes.

He then asked who he was talking to and Banchero identified himself, which is probably not something he has to do too often, then walked away.

The whole thing is pretty hilarious.