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Louisville Didn’t Think This One Through

Not a great early move but they’ll get better

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics
Kenny Payne and Jayson Tatum #0 are connected again, but it’s not a great move for Louisville
Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Duke fans are naturally sad to lose Nolan Smith but also pulling for him to succeed at Louisville. And we’re sure he will.

However, like any program, Louisville will have setbacks and missteps. And this idea appears to be one, perhaps due to the Cardinal’s social media team.

Kenny Payne has extensive experience at Kentucky. Danny Manning spent time at Kansas. And of course Smith was at Duke. And apparently Josh Jamieson was highly regarded at Oregon.

And all worked with outstanding talents.

But putting those guys in a Louisville image with the stars they coached at previous schools?

That’s not going over well.

Duke, an ACC rival and Kansas are bad enough, but having Kentucky players like Julius Randle and Devin Booker in a Louisville promo is poor judgment.

Imagine hiring a UNC guy as a Duke assistant and putting Tar Heels in a Duke promo and you sort of get the idea. Just a bad idea and the sooner it’s killed the better.