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YouTube Gold: Grayson Allen vs. Jaylen Brown

Great move, but he got away with a foul

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics
 BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 13: Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics drives to the basket past Grayson Allen #7 of the Milwaukee Bucks during a game at TD Garden on December 13, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. 
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

This video of former Duke star Grayson Allen guarding Jaylen Brown in Game 2 of the Milwaukee vs. Boston series in the NBA playoffs got a lot of play, and the theme was: look at Brown break his ankles! It’s filthy! It’s so bad and Grayson got it good!

And on first glance it does look like that.


If you watch this video, and the replays, you’ll see what really happened.

When Brown makes his move, he reaches over and pushes Allen, who is already moving backwards.

So of course he falls over. Basic physics.

Not to knock Brown, not at all. This is the NBA and guys do all sorts of things to gain advantage. The single greatest example of this was Michael Jordan taking his last shot for the Chicago Bulls - and pushing off against Byron Russell.

So Allen really couldn’t complain. In fact, he has kind of a funny look on his face when he hits the ground, as if he’s thinking “okay, got me there. Good one, Jaylen.”