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YouTube Gold: Sean Elliott

After he helped establish Arizona as a major power, Elliott had a long NBA run including a ring in 1999.

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Bullets
Sean Elliott with the San Antonio Spurs

Sean Elliott, the former San Antonio Spur, was never the kind of guy who really sought attention. He was more likely to shy away from it. He’s a quiet guy who once said after a game he liked to go home and watch his fish.

That’s not to say he didn’t deserve acclaim. Elliott was a very gifted player.

Born in Tucson, he was at the University of Arizona just as Lute Olson was turning it into a national power. Elliott and Steve Kerr, later teammates again with the Spurs, were the key components of Arizona’s 1988 Final Four team.

It’s hard to explain how refreshing that Arizona team was. They were out of left field, nobodies. Elliott was a hometown recruit. We think UA was the only school that offered Kerr. No one was a huge star. But Lute Olson was a brilliant coach and he built a program that endures to this day. Elliott was a huge part of getting that off the ground.

He also helped the Spurs win their first NBA title in 1999. He’s probably not going to make the Hall of Fame, but he might get nominated, and how many people can say that?