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The Scheyer Family Got About Seven Pounds Bigger This Past Weekend

As baby James Russell arrives

South Carolina State v Duke
Jon Scheyer laughing with officials, not something you would have often seen Coach K doing.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Everyone is going to miss Mike Krzyzewski and the phenomenal 42 years of excellence he gave to Duke. The man was a phenomenal coach.

We’ll have to get used to Jon Scheyer of course, and obviously he can’t possibly be Mike Krzyzewski, and should not try to be. He needs to chart his own path.

Yet there’s no denying Scheyer’s appeal and one part of that is something that Coach K cannot possibly be better at: being young.

And as part of that, we should congratulate coach Scheyer and wife Marcelle on the birth of a baby boy this weekend: James Russell Scheyer is here and he looks like a gamer.

He joins big sister Noa and big brother Jett in the growing family.

It doesn’t exactly remind us of the transition to the young Kennedy family when Dwight Eisenhower left the presidency, but it does a bit, undeniably. The world was charmed by Jack and Jackie’s youth and the highly energetic children who played at JFK’s feet in the Oval Office.

Scheyer has already won people over and the jolt of youth that he brings to the job is nice. Watching his family grow up will be nice also.