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Syracuse Dumps An Iconic Name

As the new world relentlessly marches on

Western Michigan v Syracuse
SYRACUSE, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: General view from field level during the game between the Syracuse Orange and the Western Michigan Broncos at the Carrier Dome on September 21, 2019 in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse defeats Western Michigan 52-33.
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We’ve developed a grudging respect for Syracuse as an ACC school. Yes, the program has been mediocre. Big whoop.

The fans are passionate and the program, like Duke or Kentucky, is a year-round obsession. We grok it, our Orange brethren.

But we have to ask: has Syracuse made a mistake in changing the name of its arena?

There’s a lot in a name.

When you say Cameron, or Rupp, the Dean Dome or Allen Field House, those names register.

So does the Carrier Dome. That, however, is no more.

Syracuse has opted to rename the arena the (drum roll please) JMA Wireless Dome.

It doesn't exactly light the soul on fire, does it?

We understand the importance of naming rights and money and there was no money in the name Carrier Dome. Fine.

Does that mean you have to have a stupid name?

We’re looking at you, Louisville.

Just consider some possible alternatives, even if these companies had no intention to bid on the rights. Look how much better they sound:

  • The Oracle Dome. It reeks of mystery and prestige. And databases. Don’t forget the data bases.
  • Meta Dome. No The. Just Meta Dome. That’s so crazy, it just might work, Zuck. Give every seat AR/VR and you got a deal.
  • The NIke Dome. Swing away, Merrell.
  • The Chrome Dome. Google can afford it.
  • The Twitter Dome. Then you could just call it the Twit Dome. See how easy it is?

Of course there is one answer that is best and that would to call it the Boeheim Dome since coach Jim Boeheim has dedicated his life to that university.

Then you could give it a nickname and be done with it: the Thunder Dome.

You’re welcome, Orange-infested readers.

The problem is that there’s no money in Boeheim which gets us back to the beginning.