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YouTube Gold: The JWTS Is Now Fully Operational. Prepare To Be Amazed.

Ground breaking history is just weeks away

James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope, Large infrared space telescope set to be launched in 2018. Its principal mission will be to observe the first galaxies formed after the Big Bang.
Photo by: QAI Publishing/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

There's plenty of bad stuff happening all over the earth right now. War, plague, even baby food shortages.

And the Celtics are down to Milwaukee.

Clearly it’s another tough year on our little blue planet.

However, the stuff that’s happening off planet is getting extremely interesting.

First, SpaceX has revolutionized getting to and from space and Elon Musk is focused on getting to Mars (on a related note, Musk is beginning to alarm the Chinese).

Second, we just got a great look at a black hole. This is an extraordinary image.

And finally, the Webb Space Telescope is now fully aligned. They’re still testing and experimenting, but the pictures are spectacular. We now have an eye in space that is capable of seeing back to the beginning of time, or at least how we usually conceive of it.

In a few weeks, the astronomers will crowd in and take over and we will begin to see things that were incomprehensible and unthinkable. It reminds one of Howard Carter as he peered into King Tut’s tomb. His patron, Lord Carnarvon, asked if he saw anything. Yes, he said. Wonderful things!

We’re on the verge of a golden age in space.