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Zion Williamson Update!

He’s healthy now and ready to take names and kick some booty.

Duke University vs Boston College
College Basketball: Rear view of Duke Zion Williamson (1) in action, dunking vs Boston College at Cameron Indoor.
Set Number: X162469 TK1

This has been a tough season for Zion Williamson. The guy plays with joy and clearly loves the game. Sitting out for the season must have been awful for him and worse still, the constant questioning and rumors.

Williamson showed up at Duke this past weekend and for all the unkind rumors about his weight, he looks to be in great shape. He also said this:

“What’s up, Duke fans? I’m back home — yet again. Man, it’s always good to be back here. I’m just here to get some work in and have fun. I even went to my class’s graduation that I would have been a part of; sadly, I wasn’t because I got offered my job right out of my first year, lucky for me. But it’s always good to be back. Duke is gonna be in my heart, always and forever.”

Our sense of Williamson has always been that while he’s essentially quiet by nature, he likes belonging. We love that he feels at home at Duke and we know that he is adored by Duke fans in return. He’ll always be welcome here.