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DBR Podcast # 422 - Let’s Dive Into The Mailbag!

Some good stuff this time.

Duke University vs West Virginia University, 2010 NCAA National Seminfinals
 College Basketball: NCAA Final Four: Duke fan with sign HOBBITS LOVE THE SCHEYER during game vs West Virgina. Indianapolis, IN 4/3/2010
Set Number: X83998 TK1 R1 F3

Donald, Jason, and Sam dive into the DBR Podcast mailbag for some questions to ponder about the future of Duke basketball. Up first is a question about how new coach Jon Scheyer will be different from the now-retired Coach K. The DBR Podcast gang also dive into some rival teams and answer the question, “which team in college basketball would you hate to be a fan of?”

The guys also discuss which Dukie from our long, illustrious history would you count on to get a bucket, grab a rebound, make two free throws, and other key aspects of winning a basketball game. This episode of the podcast has a little bit of everything and even includes a bit of a movie review at the end as Jason Evans tells us about a film he recently saw that may be one of the best sequels in Hollywood history!

So turn on, tune in, or something like that. Just enjoy!