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Duke Recruiting: Boozer Twins Update

And a bonus bit too

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 Columbus s Cameron Boozer blocks a shot put up SFCA s Yadniel Sanabria during the Hugh Thimlar basketball game at the City of Palms Classic. Columbus won. 
Andrew West/The News-Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

One of the more interesting recruiting battles coming up is going to be over the Boozer twins.

Cayden and Cameron Boozer, sons of Duke great Carlos, are rising stars in the class of 2025 A bit surprisingly, Cayden is 6-3 while Cameron is 6-10, which is not what you typically see from twin basketball players, but they’re both quite good: ESPN has Cameron at #1 in the class. Cayden comes in at #24.

And naturally, given that their dad played for Duke and named one of his sons Cameron, Duke could/should be a major factor.

Here’s what recruiting analyst Travis Graf said about the Dynamic Duo: “While having top recruiting classes is nothing new to Duke fans, there’s potential for the Blue Devils’ 2025 class to be one of their best of all-time on paper. You’d have to think that Cayden and Cameron Boozer, projected five-star sons of former Blue Devil Carlos Boozer, will take a very strong look at Duke. It’s easy to picture Jon Scheyer and company as the early leaders in this situation.”

We’re not even sure we can list them all, but Duke has had more brothers than you might think. Obviously there are the Plumlees, but also the Kelleys, The Pagliucas and the Caldbecks. And of course there’s Mark and Elizabeth Williams.

In the same article, Cooper Flagg, rated #3 currently in the class of 2025, is quoted as saying Duke is his “dream school, for sure.”

Interestingly, he also has a twin brother, Ace, and they’re both off to Montverde.