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Twitter Gold: We Got Another

The guys are having some fun with this.

South Carolina State v Duke
Well you’d be happy too.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

People have spent a lot of time with high anxiety about the retirement of Mike Krzyzewski lately and obviously he’s the patriarch of what we’ve come to know and love about Duke Basketball. No one worked harder or more creatively to achieve what has been achieved in Durham.

Obviously, though, he’s not the only one to have worked hard. Jon Scheyer must be working awfully hard to get the results he’s gotten so far on the recruiting trail for one with the latest victory being the commitment by Tyrese Proctor Thursday evening. And that means the rest of the Krzyzewski/Scheyer staff have worked hard as well.

But one of our favorite parts of Duke Basketball, and one that, while it gets a lot of respect, really doesn't get enough in our opinion, is the group that handles social media.

Originally Duke moved into social media because it was concerned about the Duke Hating and the way the national media turned on the program and the possible implications of an ugly narrative.

It was a chance for Duke to tell its own story and it has done that really well for a long time. One of our favorite things is that they often turn the cameras and microphones over to the players and let them tell their own stories.

And then there’s the level of sheer creativity we see which, truly, is impressive. And finally, at times hilariously, is the trolling.

This video isn’t exactly trolling - it’s more like the Brotherhood’s going nowhere.

And it’s great.

We couldn’t embed it so just hit the link. You’ll be glad you did.