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Duke Recruiting: Scheyer Strikes Again, Mate

As he gets a commitment from Aussie Tyrese Proctor

Duke University vs University of North Carolina
Sounds like Tyrese Proctor enjoyed his visit to Cameron and the Cameron Crazies.
Set Number: X163978 TK1

Tyrese Proctor, the 6-4 point guard out of Canberra/NBA Global Academy, has committed to Duke and will join the Brotherhood.

He’s not rated in the same way as US high schoolers are but is very highly regarded. He’s also an extremely sharp passer. had the story first.

Analyst Jamie Shaw said this about Proctor’s game:

“Tyrese Proctor has a smooth quality to his game. What sticks out immediately is his jump shot, off the catch. When his feet are set, and he gets a clean look, you can count it. Proctor is also an excellent passer, able to distribute the ball to, and from, all angles of the court...There is no denying Proctor’s extensive IQ, it will be interesting how much explosive burst he can gain as he continues to age.”

He joins a class that already had commitments from Jared McCain, Caleb Foster and Sean Stewart.

All of the previous comments are Five Stars and Proctor, at a minimum, is a 4-star.