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The Year’s Dumbest Rumor

It would have made a good April Fool’s joke however.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-North Carolina vs Duke
Apr 2, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski speaks in a press conference after the game against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 2022 NCAA men’s basketball tournament Final Four semifinals at Caesars Superdome.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t bothered to talk about this because anyone who said, it including Jason Williams, should have known better: Coach K is not coming back.

What a dumb waste of time this “story” was. It was never going to happen. Mike Krzyzewski is 75 and finally, age is starting to catch up with him. At this point, he wants to spend time with his family, to pursue things outside of coaching that are of interest to him, including, we assume, public speaking, gardening, strategic thinking of various sorts involving Duke and the Emily K Center among other interests, and last, but certainly not least, grandchildren.

Actually there is one way we can imagine Mike Krzyzewski coaching again: if one of his grandchildren asked him to coach a youth league team. That we could see. We don’t think he’d lock himself up for hours to go over video, but he would give it his very best and those kids would never forget it.

Outside of that?

We just can’t see it. And even if he was tempted, our guess is that Mrs. K would put an end to it rather quickly.

Unless of course he drives her nuts in retirement. Then maybe. Otherwise?

Not a chance.