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YouTube Gold: Larry Bird Stories

The only thing more fun than watching Larry Bird play is listening to stories about his trash talking

1987 NBA Finals: June 1987 - Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics
Larry Bird in the 1987 NBA Finals

There are a ton of great basketball players and millions of great stories about them all but none are better than Larry Bird stories.

Some of them are pretty standard: Bird telling a rookie exactly what he was going to do and daring him to stop it.

They couldn’t.

Guys flying by him when he was about to shoot and him telling them either “welcome to the parachute club” or “fly bird!”

But it seems like there are always new ones that come up.

In this video, players like Orlando Woolridge, James Worthy, Brad Daugherty and others including several former teammates, tell Bird stories.

There’s a great one here about Bird not scoring a game winner against Washington because Coach KC Jones called a timeout.

So Bird demanded the ball for a replay. And then he told the various Bullets exactly what he was going to do and then he hit the three pointer to win.


Magic Johnson talks about sitting out a game and Bird promising to put on a show for him and then looking at him after every shot he made to rub it in.

It’s kind of best summed up by Julius Erving, who calls Bird a “basketball genius,” and James Worthy, who said he’d rather guard Michael Jordan because Bird played a thinking game that kept him up at night.