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Two-Post Championship Controversies For UNC

And both are interesting

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament East Regional-St. Peters Peacocks vs North Carolina Tar Heels
Mar 27, 2022; Philadelphia, PA, USA; St. Peters Peacocks forward Hassan Drame (14) shoots as North Carolina Tar Heels forward Armando Bacot (5) and forward Brady Manek (45) defend during the second half in the finals of the East regional of the men’s college basketball NCAA Tournament at Wells Fargo Center.
Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

So after UNC’s loss to Kansas in Monday night’s championship game, two controversies have arisen.

The first is a video that shows the floor buckling as Armando Bacot injures his ankle. It definitely buckled but it’s impossible, really, for laypeople to say that definitively caused Bacot’s injury. He’s best qualified to answer that and he may not have realized what happened.

However it looks, the people who are responsible for the floor say it behaved exactly as it was designed to do.

The second controversy may have more legs, if you will.

Remember when Brady Manek took the first elbow to the head? He looked loopy although, again, you can’t tell how severe the situation is through a television set.

But there is a protocol and if he was tested for a concussion, we didn’t see it.

We’re sure that, if that’s the case, part of it is heat of battle and part of it, perhaps, was Manek's desire to stay in the game.

Even so.

The protocols are there for very good reason and they shouldn’t be ignored, even for what may seem like perfectly good reasons at the time.