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Paging Douglas Kauffman

Can you drop us a line?

Mike Krzyzewski Reaches for Imaginary Notes, After Being Named Head Coach
Mike Krzyzewski’s introductory press conference after being named Head Coach at Duke

As you guys may have noticed, our Emily K Fundraiser, designed as a retirement present for former Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, has taken off in a big way. This is thanks to help from a lot of really kind and generous people, notably Kenny Dennard who sort of did a fundraiser within a fundraiser in recent days.

Our original goal was $25,000. We topped that a while ago and decided to leave it up a while longer. Then we got over $30,000 and Douglass Kauffman stepped up and said that if we got to $36,000, he’d do a matching $6,000 to take us to $42,000 to match the number of years Coach K stayed at Duke.

K-Dog helped us top that and now we’re within shouting distance of doubling our original goal of $25,000. Not too shabby!

We’ve done a couple of GoFundMe drives now and before it always allowed us a way to thank donors. Possibly because we designated the Emily K Center as the recipient from GoFundMe’s list of recognized organizations, we can’t do that this time. We don’t have access to anyone’s e-mail.

But we’d really like to get in touch with you, Douglas, and the good folks at the Emily K Center would like to thank you as well. So if you could, please drop us a line at the address at the bottom of the page, we’ll put you in touch.

Our apologies for not reaching out to everyone individually. We started this and didn’t think to check with the Center before we did. We’re going to try to sort out with them how to thank everyone personally. In the meantime, please know how grateful all of us are for your support for this very special fundraiser.