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YouTube Gold: The Shot

No better time than now to look back at Duke’s most iconic play.

Duke Christian Laettner, 1992 NCAA National Championship
UNITED STATES - APRIL 06: College Basketball: NCAA Final Four, Closeup of Duke Christian Laettner victorious with net after winning championship game vs Michigan, Minneapolis, MN 4/6/1992
SetNumber: D68363

Duke’s season, and Coach K’s career, came to a sad conclusion in the Final Four. It obviously wasn’t how any Duke fans wanted to see things go but what can you do?

Things don’t always go your way.

For Mike Krzyewski, things have generally gone his way, much more often than not, as he’s had an amazing career with some downs, to be sure, but some amazing highs that are a real testament to working together and the human spirit.

You can count the 1991 UNLV game in that group obviously, and the 2001 title run, most of which was made either without Carlos Boozer or a lesser version due to a late-season injury.

There are others too - the Gone in 54 Seconds game at Maryland, the Final Four comeback against Maryland, the Austin Rivers game. You can go on and on.

The prime example though is the Laettner Game, Duke’s amazing win over Kentucky in 1992.

We probably don’t need to set the stage much. A brilliantly conditioned but less talented team had Duke on the ropes after a ridiculous Sean Woods shot in overtime. Duke got the ball back with 2:1 left.

Coach K had called timeout and told everyone they were going to win and asked Grant Hill if he could make the pass and Laettner if he could hit the shot.

And it sounds simple, but they did it. It remains an archetype of NCAA tournament play.