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Brotherhood Playoff Watch: Austin Rivers Is Out While Grayson Allen Plays On

And that means a reunion of sorts in the next round

2022 NBA Playoffs - Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee’s Grayson Allen takes it to the rack!

In Thursday’s Brotherhood Playoff News, it’s good news for Grayson Allen and bad news for Austin Rivers.

Rivers and the Denver Nuggets were dismissed by Golden State, 4-1. Rivers really wasn’t a factor in this one which probably isn’t a great sign.

Milwaukee also won the series 4-1 with the 116-100 win over the Bulls. Allen got 27 minutes and hit 5-10 overall and 3-6 on threes. He also grabbed five rebounds, an assist and a steal.

With Milwaukee’s win, the Bucks advance to play Boston and that means that former Duke teammates Allen and Jayson Tatum will see each other soon.