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Twitter (Tarnished) Gold: Yet Another Dirty Play By Chris Paul

The dirtiest player in the NBA strikes again

NBA: Playoffs-Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Pelicans
Clearly, Chris Paul is not a fan of Jose Alvarado’s aggressive defense.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s amazing how some things stick to guys and some don’t. Take Grayson Allen and Chris Paul for instance.

Allen got tagged as a dirty player after his tripping incidents at Duke and since, every time there’s a controversy, it comes back again.

But Paul?

Paul gets away with a lot.

At Wake Forest, he infamously was suspended by the ACC for slugging Julius Hodge in his happy sack.

If you do a Google search - like this - you’ll find a ton of stories about him being a dirty player, including at least one previous one from us. This is a pretty good primer.

The point is, he’s clearly done some pretty nasty things from time to time, yet still gets feted as an all-time great, an ambassador of the game, an elder statesman.

Whatever you want to call him, he’s far worse than Allen.

And he’s not done yet.

In the New Orleans-Phoenix series, former Georgia Tech star Jose Alvarado has emerged as a world-class pest. He has been in Paul’s grill constantly, even embarrassing him with a ridiculous steal in Game 4.

So in Game 5, Paul went with an old favorite: he kicked Alvarado in the balls.

Maybe Paul is losing a bit of his nastiness or maybe he’s just getting tired of attacking other guys in the ol’ fish n chips. Or maybe Alvarado is just so tough he was able to get up and keep going.

Two things amaze us: first that Paul continues to have a great reputation despite doing this sort of thing for nearly 20 years and second that no one has beaten the crap out of him for doing it. If it dissuaded him from doing it in the future, it’d be a public service.