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A Big Night For The Brotherhood In The NBA Playoffs

And one former Blue Devil above all.

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three
Jayson Tatum exults as the Boston Celtics go up 3-0 over the Brooklyn Nets.

Saturday was a big day for Blue Devils in the NBA playoffs.

In Memphis, Tyus Jones came off the bench for 22 minutes, shot 3-7 and hit 2-3 on threes and all five foul shots for 13 points. He also had four rebounds and three assists as Memphis lost to Minnesota by one, 119-118.

Quin Snyder’s Utah Jazz nipped the Dallas Mavericks 100-99 to tie the series 2-2.

Meanwhile, in Toronto Gary Trent, after being ill for Game 1 and Game 2, felt better and tossed in 24 on 8-20 and 3-10 on threes.

But the game of the night, as far as the Brotherhood was concerned, was in Brooklyn. Kyrie Irving wasn’t that impressive this time, scoring 16 on 6-17 from the floor (he missed all seven three pointers).

Seth Curry added 10 on 4-8 and 2-4 on threes.

Boston is playing great defense so perhaps it’s no surprise that the Celtics sharply limited the explosive Irving.

But no one limited Jayson Tatum. Deuce’s dad lit up Brooklyn for 39. He hit 13-29 overall, 4-13 on threes, 9-10 from the line and also had five rebounds, six assists and six steals.

Boston forced 21 turnovers and essentially toyed with the Nets.

Tatum is playing so well that Paul Pierce thinks he may - well, here’s what he tweeted: “I think Jason Tatum might outsmart Kevin Durant right before our very eyes in the NBA hierarchy.”

That may or may not be true; time will tell. But there’s not really much question about this: at 33, KD is on the back end of his career. If Tatum, still just 24 and still rising, hasn’t passed him already he will soon, if only because of his youth and the relentless march of time.