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Schedule Intel: First Game Of The Scheyer Era

Thanks to Jacksonville for letting us all know.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville Dolphins head coach Jordan Mincy coaches during the second half of an Atlantic Sun tournament basketball game Thursday, March 3, 2022 at Jacksonville University’s Swisher Gymnasium in Jacksonville. The JU Dolphins defeated the Central Arkansas Bears 79-69. 
Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well we now know who Jon Scheyer will open against in his first game as Duke’s head coach: Jacksonville will visit Cameron for the young coach’s debut.

The Dolphins have been down for some time but that’s a program with history: in 1972, Jacksonville got to the Final Four with Artis Gilmore and Pembrook Burroughs, 7-2 and 7-0 respectively, and who lost to UCLA and the Walton Gang in the national championship.

That was the high point for the program and in recent years, things haven’t been as good. But Jordan Mincy, who took over last year from Tony Jasick, who finished 11-13 in the Covid season. He’s now an assistant at Stephen Freakin’ Austin.

Mincy turned in a 21-10 record in his first season which is a nice turnaround. He’s also been in Cameron before, when he played for Kent State. Duke won a surprisingly close game, 79-72.

Incidentally, that team was coached by former BC coach Jim Christian.

Mincy was a highly regarded assistant at Florida who is off to a great start so Duke fans shouldn't take this for granted.