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Awesome, Baby! Dickie V Is Cancer Free

Beating it once is impressive. Twice? In your ‘80s? Unbelievable.

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Duke University vs University of Michigan
 College Basketball: ESPN announcer Dick Vitale with Duke Cameron Crazies fans in stands during game vs Michigan at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Vitale wearing blue wig and glasses.
Set Number: X157286 TK1 R1 F11

Well here’s some nice news for a change: Dick Vitale says he’s now cancer free.

Vitale has had two major cancers recently, melanoma and now lymphoma - and he beat both in his ‘80s. He’s also overcome two serious throat problems that could have ended his career.

He said that he takes inspiration from the late Jim Valvano, who exhorted people to “never give up” when facing cancer or other woes.

In his own way, Dickie V has become just as inspirational as Jimmy V. Yes, he gets on a lot of people’s nerves, but he’s always been an optimist who finds the bright side and, as much as Valvano, never gives up.

He’s been a huge plus for basketball and a good man in general. Here’s hoping we get to see him soon on TV.