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Former Duke Assistant Nolan Smith Introduced At Louisville

Seeing someone this fulfilled is wonderful.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal
“To have this Card on my chest means the world to me,” said new assistant coach Nolan Smith after UofL head basketball coach Kenny Payne smiles while introducing during Smith during the former Duke assistant coach’s introductory press conference Monday afternoon. April 11, 2022
Matt Stone/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

As you probably know, Nolan Smith was formally introduced at Louisville Monday as Kenny Payne’s first hire and associate head coach. But his connection with Louisville is deep and strong and a critical part of his identity. Payne talked about it some during the press conference and how much the late Derek Smith meant to him and how happy he is to hire his son:

“As I talked about in the press conference, the criteria I was looking for, the whole time I knew it was him. Love of young people, high character, dedicated to craft, helping kids reach their dreams. All of that is him. And the big plus is that he’s a family member. I know that someone’s looking down on us today smiling. That’s his father, who taught me everything I know and to have (Nolan) in this program. Derek’s blood and spirit is back in Nolan.”

This has to be an amazing experience for Nolan. We hope it’s everything he wishes for.