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The Emily K Center Would Like A Word With DBR Readers

Nice job you guys!

Davidson v Duke

We got this nice note from the good folks at the Emily K Center and wanted to pass it on to everyone. This is pretty cool! Thanks again for supporting the fundraiser. We may make it an annual thing.

Dear DBR Community-

From Coach K and all of the students, staff, and volunteers at the Emily K Center, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the amazing show of support from the Duke Basketball Report community of fans. The fundraiser that you started and supported has exceeded its $25,000 goal (and Kounting!) with the Final Four still yet to be played.

The Duke Fan Fundraiser has been, by far, the most successful effort to honor Coach by supporting the Center so far this year.

You did this to honor all that Coach has given to so many of us and what a tribute this gift is to him and to this community’s generosity and spirit. Coach is grateful, the Center is grateful, and this community of fans has made a gift that will support over 2000 students in Durham seeking all the opportunities that higher education can provide!

We cannot thank you enough!

Go Duke!