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Tuesday’s ACC Tourney Linkorama & Notes

It’s time to get it on!

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 06 Big Ten Women’s Tournament - Indiana v Iowa
It’s here! March is here!

The ACC Tournament opens Tuesday in Brooklyn with three games. These are the worst teams so the games should be lame, right? Well, maybe, maybe not.

Pitt and BC had one close game and one not as close game. But BC has shown some heart and play hard. Pitt has an issue with turnovers. So at least it could be fun.

NC State has worn down late while Clemson has somehow improved without their best player. Do you get that at all? Does anyone? And will PJ Hall play? Great questions!

The thing we feel most certain about is that Louisville will suck, if not against Georgia Tech then on Wednesday. As far as we can figure, neither team is going to beat Virginia on Wednesday which would set up a fun little rematch with UNC on Thursday. The Heels, remember, took it to Virginia earlier, winning 74-58. You can be sure Tony Bennett is scheming ways to clamp down on Armando Bacot.

By the way, one small break Duke gets at the #1 seed: the Devils play at noon in their Friday opener and both Florida State and Syracuse have thin rosters. But FSU is resurgent and Syracuse ended the season with blowout losses to Notre Dame and Duke and painful losses to UNC and Miami that they really should have won.