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YouTube Gold: March Is Spectacular. And So, So Cruel.

What a shot by Jeriah Horne

SMU v Cincinnati
Duke legend and UCF coach Johnny Dawkins had a rough night at Tulsa Sunda.
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

If you looked at the roster of former Duke players who were in attendance Saturday night, you may have noticed that Johnny Dawkins was not in attendance.

That’s because he’s coaching Central Florida and the Knights had a game against Tulsa, now coached by a fellow ACC veteran, former Miami coach Frank Haith.

They put on quite a show in Tulsa Sunday night - or at least the end was.

Tulsa had staged a nice second half comeback when Darius Perry hit a jumper in the lane with :11 left to put UCF up 70-65. Then Tulsa’s Sam Griffin hit a three to cut it to 70-68 with :05 left.

Tulsa put Perry on the line with :04 left and he split his free throws but UCF was still up three.

Then Darius Johnson fouled Sam Griffin, who made both of his to make it a one-point game.

Back to the line for Perry with :02 left and he split again.

Then Jeriah Horne got the rebound and took off. He got to near the large Tulsa logo, still in the back court, and let fly: He lived every kid’s fantasy and just crushed UCF in the process.

When we first saw this, we thought it was tournament play. Fortunately for Dawkins, no: it’s just March. The American’s tourney is this week, followed by America’s tournament the next.